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söndag 28 december 2008

HTTP response was too large

In case you run into this error:
HTTP response was too large: 3410251. The limit is: 1048576.
(The number 3410251 above might vary completely arbitrarily)
Solutions like this won't help you, because you know for a fact that you have no file that large or anything that could reasonably cause it, then it might be because you have a maximum recursion depth reached error. This causes an enourmous stack trace which will exceed Google App Engines maxiumum response length (1MB). Try sweeping your code for any place where infinite recursion might occur.

måndag 18 augusti 2008

Serving static files with Django and AWS - going fast on a budget

Found this little gem linked from TechCrunch today.

Serving static files with Django and AWS - going fast on a budget

Speed matters. When Google tried adding 20 additional results to their search pages, traffic dropped by 20%. The reason? Page generation took an extra .5 seconds. This article will show how Eventseer utilizes an often overlooked way of improving the responsiveness of a web application: Pre-generating and serving static files instead of dynamic pages.

måndag 11 augusti 2008

New Django Helper

I've been way too hard at work on SlurpBOX to notice, but the fine App Engine Helper for Django guys have made a new release! See the top item in the release notes? I found that bug! :P Go download.

Release notes
Wed 6 August 2008

This is the last version of the Google App Engine Helper for Django that will support Django 0.96. Future development of the helper will be targetted for the upcoming 1.0 release of Django.

  • Improved SDK detection on Windows by looking at both the PATH variable that may be set by the installer and using the win32api module (if available) to look for the SDK in the default Program Files location.
  • Replaced the startapp command with a version that installs an App Engine Compatible application skeleton. Patch contributed by Andi Albrecht.
  • Changed the default runserver port to 8000 to match standard Django behaviour. Path contributed by Waldemar Kornewald
  • Email server settings from the Django settings file are provided to the App Engine Mail API. Patch contributed by Waldemar Kornewald
  • Added support for the Django memcache cache backend. Patch contributed by Jonca Rafal.
  • Added support for the Django session middle with db and cache backends for Django 1.0alpha only. Patches contributed by Jonca Rafal and Waldemar Kornewald
  • Moved the Django compatible login_required decorator to the standard Django location. Patch contributed by Andi Albrecht
  • Replaced the Django ModelForm class with the App Engine ModelForm class
  • Added a repr implementation for the BaseModel class
  • Many minor improvements to increase robustness and avoid errors if portions of Django are not present.